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Oil Hardener - How to dispose waste oil

Oil Hardener - How to dispose waste oil


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How to throw away oil? This Oil hardening kit allows you to throw oil simple and safe. 

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Having a pan full of oil is difficult to dispose of as pouring it down the sink is bad for our environment and sewage piping. Using this oil hardener kit, it allows you to make the oil in the pan become a simple harden disk that can be safely thrown out. Each bag of solution will covert 20 ounce of oil into a jelly disk.  The disk won't stick to your hand, won't stain your kitchen equipment and easy disposing.


To Use:

1. After you use the oil Heat the oil to about 80 degree then pour the powder into hot oil and stir it.

2. Stir the oil until waste oil hardener completely dissolves.

3. After the powder dissolved completely, leave it until the oil firms like jelly.

4. Peel off the firm oil disk by using a spatula then throw a way as a burnable garbage.


Made In Japan


how to dispose of used oil

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