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Bento Lunch Box Set 2 Tier With Chopstick

Bento Lunch Box Set 2 Tier With Chopstick

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850ml. Chopsticks included. Stylish color with built in claps that keep the bento box together. 

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Bento Lunch Box Set 2 Tier With Chopsticks


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This is a 2-tier Bento lunch Box Set imported from Japan. (2 food compartments and 1 compartment for chopsticks) The bento box set is well designed for anyone and is in colorful colors that contrast with black. This includes one bento box. Please select color of your choice above.

It also comes with the bento divider to create the portions of your food. The bento box is microwave safe with the lids off.  The bento lunch box holds 850ml. (Upper part  390ml, Lower Part 460 ml)  The bento lunch box is 8.77 inches long, 4.1 inches high and 3.03 inches wide. This is a great size for larger bento box.


It also includes a pair of chopsticks which fit in perfectly in a built-in compartment on the top of the bento box. This pair of chopsticks is 18 cm or 7.10 inches long which is easy for use for grown up 


- Sturdy Bento lunch box

- Removable Bento Box Divider 
- Built-in Compartment for Chopsticks 
- 18 cm Chopsticks
- Total of 850 ml
- Lower part can be put in the upper part for easy storage 
- Microwave Safe without Lid
- Hot Water Ok
- Lowest Temperature allow = -4 F or -20 C 

- Silicon Ring on lid to keep food fresh

Imported from Japan
Made in China 
Size: 850 ml
Bento Box Size: 8.77 x 4.1 x 3.03 inches
Chopsticks Size: 18 cm or 7.10 inches

Bento box is Microwave Safe without Lid For Warming Purpose  

Bento Lunch Box: Polypropylene
Chopsticks: AS 
Outer Lid and Chopsticks Compartment Lid: ABS
Inner Lid: PE 
Lock: ABS 

Seal: Silicon

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